Acidon – The company (2010)



Acidon was a fictional enterprise in the IT-sector that seemingly provided services in information- and data management. The enterprise was presented through a web page, which gives the appearance of a typical IT-company. By carefully examining other webpages and their use of words, we developed a platform that both incorporates and samples a typical depthless and glossy company presentation, complete with sections about Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Care.

We were inspired by large corporations that have a humane and appealing language, but are also producing some services and products that are clearly dubious; companies like Ericsson, Nokia, IBM, Google etc. It was a subtle play with visual and linguistic codes, where the idea was to exaggerate these codes and shift the perspective a few degrees to create a project that comments on a reality that often surpasses fiction.

The Flagship of Acidon was the ASePP-system, which could do in-depth analyses of people’s behaviors, personalities and future actions based on their internet engagement, search engine history and social media interactions. In the project we dramatize existing trends and criticize a current development towards a more commoditized market for personal information.

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The parts of the project:
    dot Acidon – The company  
ASePP – The product
    dot Erik Gustafsson – The Chief Communications Officer  
    dot Omniscient business – The documentary