ASePP – The product (2010)


The first service that Acidon launched was ASePP- Acidon Secure Personal Profiling.  It was a software system that according to the webpage could provide more information about particular individuals than other services on the market. The service gathered open and hidden information about private persons, and was then able to process this information to produce extensive psychological profiles of the subjects. With the ASePP-system we are shedding light on today’s everyday surveillance. Most of what the ASePP-system claimed it could do is already done, or could be done, today. But the companies that provide such services would present themselves in another way. For with ASePP it is a game of believability and overstatements, Acidon is speaking a more honest language, in a mix of corporate clichés and naivety.

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    dot ASePP - Acidon Secure Personal Profiling  

ASePP was marketed through  mail and on the web and hundreds of companies was offered the service. This communication was one way of presenting the artwork, in an attempt to puzzle the recipients and get them to reflect.

”…The profiles we would be interested in will work as basic data for security work. We work with investigations for companies and organizations…” - From Acidons e-mail conversation with the company Investigation Services Europe.

The parts of the project:
    dot Acidon – The company  
ASePP – The product
    dot Erik Gustafsson – The Chief Communications Officer  
    dot Omniscient business – The documentary