Erik Gustafsson – The Chief Communications Officer (2010 – 2011)


Erik Gustafsson

The spokesperson for the company was Erik Gustafsson, and actor Logi Tulinius lent his appearance to this visionary entrepreneur.  Erik was an innovative businessman, limitless in his efforts to break new commercial ground. In March 2011 Erik wrote a debate article about how politics must be reformed to deal with new possibilities in information technology. In the article a dystopia is portrayed, a society where personal information is freely available by companies. It is a world where the information trade has reached new peaks of specialized ads and intimate marketing. Private persons are encouraged to advertise products to their friends and see their social relations solely as economic assets. A vision very close to reality.

Before the publication of the article, Erik contacted persons that could be interested in co-signing the article. All of them politely said no, but some were pleased with it:

”…I think the article is terribly good…
-Lydiah Wålsten, Timbro:

“I sympathize with the argument. I am actually writing a book about this issue…”
-Stefan Fölster, Svensk Näringsliv

“The article is very interesting and pinpoints an important complex of problems…”
-Carina Lindfelt, Svenskt Näringsliv

The article was published in ten daily medias in Sweden: Dagens media, Barometern, Norrländska Socialdemokraten,, Sundsvalls tidning, Ystads Allehanda, ETC, Helahä, Katrineholmskuriren och Örnsköldsvik Allehanda.

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    dot Internet Privacy slows growth (Swedish)  

The article fueled blog posts and comments. A few quotes:

“Money is fun, but it is not everything. For example: Most persons would not sell their family or friends for money. Not even the most hardened egoists would sell themselves for money. But apparently there are people who seriously expect that all of us shall give away ourselves and the utterly most personal, freely to companies so that they can make money on us. No, I am not kidding. There are those who seriously think it is a good idea, and as usual the root to all insanity is money…”

- Anna Troberg, Party leader for the Pirate Party in a blog entry commenting on Acidons article.

“I do not know if I can hope that this is satire, but in that case he would have to exaggerate, this is too close to reality to be funny.” – Rikard Olsson in a comment to Anna Troberg

“I do not know who Acidon is, but if they call me, I’ll hang up the phone.” – Anonymous

“Rubbish! I am no raw material and do not want to be treated as such” – Anonymous

“Have the debater lost his mind? How can you even indicate that it would be good for society if private corporations would be free to vacuum-clean the internet for personal information just to be able to direct their marketing? It's just pure business economic considerations are made in this article and the would-be customers’ integrity is apparently completely uninteresting to the debater.” – Anonymous

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