Omniscient business – The documentary (2010)


Omniscience is the ability to know precisely everything. The word is used here to give an image of a development where information about individuals is gathered and stored in a way that hasn’t been possible before. Big corporations have the power over the digitized information, and in this video work the language and marketing that these companies use is examined. The difference between the language used and the actions performed by different commercial companies are often extensive. Commercial language is constantly updated to give a positive image of the activities of a company while at the same time concealing parts of the activities not meant for the general public. The information technology sector acts under these premises, having a vocabulary of positive words to describe the often complex activities.In the film Erik Gustafsson, spokesperson for Acidon, appears, played by Logi Tulinius.

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The parts of the project:
    dot Acidon – The company  
ASePP – The product
    dot Erik Gustafsson – The Chief Communications Officer  
    dot Omniscient business – The documentary