About the forgotten playfulness (2005)
A collaborative project together with Viktor Hjalmarsson realized on Järntorget in Gothenburg.



In the project About the forgotten playfulness we tried to create a free zone in the urban environment. We had borrowed a space of 25 square meters from the municipality of Gothenburg, which we could use for five days. The idea was that the space would be available to everyone present to use freely, the keywords that we communicated was play and build. There were no set goal of what to become of this building process, but it evolved organically during the course of the project, things were torn down, other objects added and it was transformed into a quite peculiar sculpture. Persons involved themselves in the process and built, discussed and contributed with both material and creativity.


The original idea of the project was to question the social rules of the city room, what you can and can't do. By introducing something unknown, something you would wonder about, we wanted people that used the square to think, reflect and involve themselves. We chose to realize the project on Järntorget because of its usage as a meeting place and an important junction. We were there as a parasite, who lived out of what was present in the square and its surroundings.

An exiting development of the project was the events during nighttime. We had assumed that the nights would pass quite eventless, but we discovered that this was not the case. Quickly our 25 square meters transformed into a meeting point, with a broad variety of people that inhabited the square during night. Many were homeless or had homes that they didn't want to be in, and then our sculpture worked as a temporary gathering point. During the five nights that we resided on the square, there were countless interesting discussions and conversations. The original idea of the square as primarily a social space, something that has partly disappeared in the consumerist-society, was restored during these nights.



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