Jaegerdorffsplatsen – Östra Larmgatan (2003)


conctrete board

Originally the project consisted of 17 concrete boards placed in the street on different locations in central Gothenburg. The boards are casted in black and white concrete, with a portrait and a letter on each one of them. The project was initiated and the boards placed during the autumn of 2003. The artwork has since then changed and eroded, some boards have disappeared or been removed, but most of them are still in place.  

The idea of the project was to use the portraits and letters to create a feeling of something larger, something important. The thought was that the person on the board could be a person in power, somebody conspiring and taking up space, maybe a leader or a politician. The portrait is a self-portrait, and by using a stylized picture of me the project has a connection to the close- and personal sphere.


The project is about creating yourself a place in the urban environment and in public space and this corresponds to central ideas within the graffiti- and street art movement. Working with street art is claiming that individual expression has a great value, and that the common spaces are places of constant change and creativity. It shows that every actor in the city has certain responsibilities and opportunities.

The letters on each one of the concrete boards where there to further enhance the feeling that you didn't see everything, that there were a message beyond reach. The 17 letters created a message that you could discover if you would find the boards from east to west.

nightime concrete board

concrete board in the street

During the years that have past since the concrete boards were installed, the project has evolved. Most of them are still there and has slowly become a part of the urban environment. Many people know of the project and there have been several rumors of its origin. The project has gained archeological qualities during time, and the project is slowly disappearing and the message gets harder to interpret. The artwork has to be discovered by persons upholding themselves in the city, and if there is an interest you can go on and discover the remaining boards, as traces of something that has been a whole. Simultaneously the work grows larger than the physical boards, and a mental and collective image of the work, its author and purpose, is created. The public has up until now not known who the author is and this has been important, since out of uncertainty and curiosity comes critical thinking and new interesting questions.

I had much help from friends, Ivar, Maja and Kristoffer, when installing the project.