O pening of Kanslibyråns solo exhibition on Alingsås konsthall is on Saturday 25 January 10.00-14.00. The show titled Alternativa försvarsåtgärder (Alternative defense measures) displays both new and older works - All centered on the small scale art-activism and enchantment of everyday life that Kanslibyrån have been working with the last twelve years.

>>>Alingsås Konsthall

  T he Swedish Public Freedom Service is opening a new temporary office, this time as part of the project Ångpannegatans processer on Backaplan in Gothenburg. The project is a collaboration between local artists, Statens Konstråd and Lundby stadsdelsförvaltning. Come visit us on Saturday 23 November and Mondag 25 November to meet your freedom counselor, get your freedom permit and create an emancipation plan for the coming year.  


>>>Frihetskontor på Backaplan

  F rihetsförmedlingen is organizing the conference Frihetens pris (The price of Freedom) on Skogen in Gothenburg Saturday 9 nov 2019. We have a number of inspirational speekers: Stina Oscarson, Birger Schlaug, Cecilia Jonasson, Per Johansson and Sister Lena.

>>>Conference – Frihetens pris

  D uring the culture night of Norrköping 28 september 2019, Frihetsförmedlingen is opening a temporary office at Verkstad konsthall. All freedom seekers are very welcome.
Come visit us Sat 28 Sep 13.00 – 21.00, Wed 2 Oct 16.00-20.00 and Thu 3 Oct 16.00-20.00

>>>Verkstad konsthall

  D emonstration of new tools from Kanslibyrån at Galleri Box in Gothenburg Saturday 24 Aug at 15.00. Kanslibyrån has been fighting against efficiency and productivity in the public arena for more than a decade. Now the bureau has developed a set of new tools, objects intended to help in a concrete way in the fight against rationalization and measurability. With a starting point in everyday issues around jobs, family, finances, relationships, attitudes, etc., the agency seeks to provide concrete support in how destructive norms and conventions can be counteracted.

Nya hjälpmedel

>>>Gallery Box

  M e and Per-Arne Sträng is participating in the show Cosmic Castration Prague at Gallery NTK, curated by Henrik Ekesioö, Mikael Goralski, Joakim Forsgren and Alexander Peroutka. The opening of the exhibition is July 23, 2019

>>>Gallery NTK

  J une 6-7, Frihetsförmedlingen is hosting the workshop “Designing the Parallel Society” in Minsk.The workshop is part of the STATUS project, run by Konstepidemin (Sweden) in collaboration with Kryly Chalopa and others in Belarus.

Designing the parallell society


  K anslibyrån is participating in the show Kastrering av inre rum (Castration of inner spaces) curated by Mikael Goralski and Paulina Drakenstedt at Crum Heaven, Högbergsgatan 38-40 in Stockholm. The show is up until 31 May, 2019.

Cosmic castration

>>>Crum Heaven

  S enaste nytt om löneslaveriet (Latest news on wage slavery) is an Easter show at Gylleboverket featuring works by Daria Bogdanska, Frida Klingberg, Frihetsförmedlingen, Johannes Samuelsson, Magdalena Nordin, Kanslibyrån and Sonia Hedstrand, curated by Sonia Hedstrand and produced by Etta Säfve & Jona Elfdahl.

Löneslaveriet poster


  T he second national meeting with the Network of Free Bureaucrats is held at NAV in Stockholm. We offer an exciting afternoon that starts with an inspirational lecture with the philosopher Jonna Bornemark, continues with exercises and conversations and ends with vegan dinner and drink.

Free bureaucrat meeting


  S unday 24 February, Frihetsförmedlingen organizes a meeting on bureaucracy, art and artificial intelligence at STPLN in Malmö. Since one year back we are investigating artificial intelligence in the project KIM Svensson, AI, together with cognitive scientist Simon Winter. Now Frihetsförmedlingen invites you to an afternoon of lectures and discussion in order to think together about the dark side of digitization, the possibilities of bureaucracy and the role of art.


>>>Robotbyråkrati (swe)

  ontraproduction - Everyday Resistance and Logical Short Circuits, is the title of Kanslibyråns new show at Konsthallen Trollhättan. The exhibition covers eleven years of Kanslibyrån’s activities, where two of the most extensive projects is the The Archive of Actions and The Phantom Administration. New to this show is an increased focus on the industrial aspects of our daily lives, portrayed in extensive attempts at deliberately pursuing counter-productive activities.


>>>Konsthallen Trollhättan

  ery welcome to Växjö Konsthall for an afternoon of and irrationality and subjective logic on Saturday 15 December 2018. Kanslibyrån hosts Alternative logic an event in-between performance, workshop, coffee break and school lesson. The day follows a carefully designed and structured model aiming to shift our view of everyday life and charge it with poetic and political content.

Action no. 119
Action No, 119: Organize the fir cones in the forest

>>>Växjö konsthall

  asic course for freedom seekers. Together with the artist platform Skogen in Gothenburg, Frihetsförmedlingen gives a one evening course that includes a brief history of labour society, an mapping of the contemporary situation of consumerism and wage-relationships and an introduction to the concepts that Frihetsförmedlingen investigates. The course is part of a series of events that during the autumn of 2018, for more information see the calendar on the website.

>>>Basic course for freedom seekers (Swe)

  F rihetsförmedlingen and Kanslibyrån collaborates officially for the first time in the exhibition Utrymningsplaner (Evacuation plans) at Varbergs konsthall. The exhibition is focusing on artistic strategies of resistance towards systems of obedience, social hierarchies and bureaucratization. The duo-show opens 22 September 2018 and is up until 6 January 2019. The exhibition is curated by Camilla Påhlsson.


>>>Utrymningsplaner, Varbergs konsthall

  C ecilia Jonasson begins her one year long employment as Sweden's freest bureaucrat (Sverige friaste byråkrat) in September 2018. The job is a unique position where Cecilia will work towards increased freedom and less wage labour for the multitude. This contradictory employment is both a performative artwork and a paid position. Cecilia will form the artwork together with Frihetsförmedlingen in many activities directed towards both the general public and different institutions.

Cecilia Jonasson

>>>Sveriges friaste byråkrat

The project is supported by Kulturbryggan

  S ummer of 2018 is characterized by the Swedish election. Frihetsförmedlingen (The Swedish Public Freedom Service) is focusing on the everyday choices of consumption and participation in wage labor, From 29 July to 5 August our election tour will take us to many sites in central Sweden, to promote and discuss alternative choices.

>>> Frihetsförmedlingens valturné

  I n connection to the release of the book The Archive of Actions, Anton Karis from Swedish radio’s program Studio Ett joined us on a journey out in the city. The program was recorded during an afternoon of performing artistic actions in central Stockholm.

Action No. 516: Fishing for keys

>>>Link to the program (in Swedish)

  anslibyrån is participating with a work in the exhibition Cosmic Castration 5x5 at Konsthallen, musikhögskolan Örebro Other participants are: Eva Aldén Luthman, Lena Anderson, Nikolas Bakovic Perez, Jonatan Björkman, Sahar Burhan, Erika Canohn, Christer Chytraéus, Josef Daagarsson, Paulina Drakenstedt, Henrik Ekesiöö, Leif Elggren, Joakim Forsgren, Alberto Frigo, Mikael Goralski, Samuel Lidskog, Lucas Lundh, Anette Lundkvist, Johanna Möller, Ulf Olsson, Charlotte Ostritsch, Axel Petersén, Felicia Rauma Andersen, Roger von Reybekiel, Erik Seppas, Simon Sjöström.

  B ook launch for The Archive of Actions in Stockholm at Rönnells Antikvariat 14.00 – 16.00 on Saturday 7 April 2018. Bengt af Klintberg introduces the book and John Huntington & Per-Arne Sträng presents their work and do a performative reading.


>>>Rönnells, Stockholm

  T he symposium Samtidsbyråkraten (The contemporary bureaucrat) is arranged by Frihetsförmedlingen at Skogen in Gothenburg 12.30 – 19.00, 24 March 2018. Where questions about art and bureaucracy will be addressed within in a conceptual framework. Talks by Sven-Eric Liedman, Lisa Rosendahl, Sverker Lundin, Simon Winter, Cecilia Jonasson and ourselves. Screenings of videoworks by John Willgren and Pilvi Takala.

The event is supported by Göteborgs Stads kulturnämnd

  K anslibyrån is releasing a brand new book summing up ten years of working with The Archive of Actions. The first book launch will be held at Skogen 18 march 2018. During the event, John Huntington & Per-Arne Sträng presents their work, Mona Lilja, Associate professor and a Senior Lecturer in International Relations, talks about irrational resistance, and Annika Lundgren, artist and writer in the book "Aktionsarkivet", speaks about her text "Loopholes in the matrix".

The Archive of Actions

>>>Buy the book
>>>Read Annika Lundgrens text

The event is supported by Göteborgs Stads kulturnämnd and the publication by Konstnärsnämnden.

  M e and Lars Noväng is participating in the symposium Att bli synlig – Konst och återhämtning (To be visible - Art and rehabilitation). We are presenting the activities of Frihetsförmedlingen (The Swedish Public Freedom Service) at the event that addresses issues of the role and potential of art in psychological rehabilitation. The event is organized by Elisabeth Punzi and Stefan Karlsson.

>>> Konst och återhämtning

  F rihetsförmedlingen (The Swedish Freedom Agency) is participating in the opening event for the new School at Skogen in Gothenburg. The Special Permit Unit is opening up a temporary, one night only office, issuing various freedom permits to attendees.

Description of the School at Skogen “The school emerges out of the individual artistic investigations of the different group members , manifested as a continuous program made up of courses, study groups, excursions, conversations, dinners, and other forms of communal making and examination.”


>>> Skogen

  A s part of the GIBCA 2017 extended program, The Swedish Freedom Agency’s new Mobile Office will be present in Central Gothenburg for three days, starting September 28th 2017. The Special Permit Unit will offer the public expert assistance and issue a great variety of relevant personalized permits.

GIBCA Extended

>>>GIBCA Extended

  N öjesguiden writes about Frihetsförmedlingen, it’s history, originators, intentions and plans for the future, in the August edition of 2017.


>>>Nöjesguiden: “De vill vara Sveriges största förmedlare av frihet”

  M e and Per-Arne Sträng (Kanslibyrån) is participating with a sculptural work at the retrospective exhibition of the Shiryaevo Biennale at NCCA (National Centre for Contemporary Arts) in Moscow. The sculpture is a part of the SCIUC (Serious Collision Investigation Unit Coalition) part of the show.


>>>NCCA (National Centre for Contemporary Arts)

  F rihetsförmedlingen (The Swedish Freedom Agency) is opening a new temporary office at Candyland in Stockholm. During the evening of the opening, June 2nd, plus the following two days, freedom-seekers in the Stockholm area can come to the office to meet their Personal Freedom Administrator, have individual permissions issued, perform freedom-seeking activities, etc. From June 4th and onward, the office will be unmanned, but the installation will remain for the duration of the exhibition period and is free to visit and experience from the outside. Opening June 2nd 17.00-22.00



  I am participating in Galleri 54s member exhibition with a work by Kanslibyrån. The work is an excerpt from The Archive of Actions: Action No. 373: Craft a 40-kronor bill. The exhibition gathers a total of 68 artists in the gallery space at Kastellgatan 7 in Gothenburg. Opening 21 April 2017 at 17.00-21.00.

>>>Galleri 54

  A new exhibition by Kanslibyrån will open at Skånes konstförening 31 Mars 2017. In the show, the Archive of Actions is extended further, and we are pleased to announce that we will pass action number 500 in conjunction with the exhibition! The Archive of Actions now consists of 513 actions, and a selection of these will be shown in the exhibition.

Skånes konstförening

>>> Skånes Konstförening

  T he Archive of Actions is extended in a new show at the exhibition space Sydhavn Station in Copenhagen. Kanslibyrån was invited to Denmark by artist Ulla Hvejsel. In the former ticket office we show photographic documentations from the Archive of Actions, outside in the station area we exhibit specially designed posters directed towards the everyday commuters. The exhibition is open 11 February – 12 Mars 2017.

Sydhavn station

>>> Sydhavn station

  I n the exhibition The Continuous Surface of the Welfare State Kanslibyrån is showing a sculpture from the Phantom Administration project. The exhibition is curated by Zimm Hall (Malin Zimm och Mattias Bäcklin) and held at Allkonstrummet at Mossutställningar in Stockholm 12-22 Jan 2017.

Other participants are: Secretary (Karin Matz, Rutger Sjögrim, Helen Runting) + Artists: Klas Eriksson, NUG & Mattias Bäcklin.

The Continuous Surface of the Welfare State

>>> Allkonstrummet

  O pen Freedom Lab is a national meeting that Frihetsförmedlingen are hosting at Österängens konsthall 7-8 October 2016.
For two days, we gather freedom seekers, scholars, experts, practitioners and curious people to discuss and examine the role of freedom in today's and tomorrow's society. The program includes a great width of perspectives conveyed in theory and practice through open discussions, inspiring lectures and freedom exercises.

Open Freedom Lab

>>> Open Freedom Lab

  F riday, September 30th at 15:00 to 19:00, Kanslibyrån open the exhibition "Waiting for a miracle - Excerpts from Kanslibyrån's Archive of Actions" at Gocart Gallery.

The actions in the archive aims to break up normative understanding, habitual patterns of behavior and conventional ideas of what is constructive and socially acceptable. The archive is a political statement, a small-scale struggle against an overly structured life that we challenge by cautiously attempting to break out of the shackles of comfortable everyday life.

Gocart Gallery

>>> Gocart Gallery

  K anslibyrån are participating in the 9th Shiryaevo Biennale in Russia 27 Aug - 27 Sep 2016 with the scuplture "Proposal No 32: Modified pen". The work are exhibited within the framework of Haus zwei presented and curated by Serious Collision Investigation Unit Coalition: Felix Gmelin, Alan Armstrong, Joakim Forsgren, Mikael Goralski, Amanda Hårsmar, Ronak Moshtagi and Kjersti Austdal.

Shiryaevo Biennale

>>> Serious Collision Investigation Unit Coalition




  aturday 2 July 2016 at 14:00 Frihetförmedlingen (The Swedish Freedom Agency) is organizing a public manifestation at Kungsportsplatsen in Gothenburg. Together we are exercising the art of doing nothing during twenty minutes. Gathering is half past one by "Kopparmärra" where me and Lars Noväng will be on site to give instructions and hand out start numbers to participants.


More information about the event:
Facebook event (in Swedish)

  rihetsförmedlingen (The Swedish Freedom Agency) is inviting the citizens of Malmö to a Public Freedom meeting - Tree exercise. A simple but important exercise in freedom. We meet outside Triangeln train station on Thursday 26 May 2016 at 17:00.

The exercise has the following instructions:
1. Gather as many people os possible on a site in the city
2. All persons present place themselves in a circle
3. All participants simultaneusly picture a tree in the centre of the circle
4. Continue to focus on this imaginary tree in five minutes
5. Break the circle.

We will be a couple of officials from Frihetsförmedlingen on site to organize the event.



  M e and Per-Arne Sträng are exhibiting a selection of Office Totems from the Phantom Administration project at the exhibition Högkonjunktur at Sturehov Slott, that take place on Saturday 21 May 2016 from 11.00 - 18.00. Other participating artists are Therese Johansson, Henrik Ekesiöö, Alice Söderlundm, Christer Chytraèus, Mikael Goralski, Per Stenborg, Ferdinand Evaldsson, Eskil Loftsson, Sandra Isacsson, Stina Persson Helleday, Kanslibyrån, Marja-leena Sillanpää.


  A fter many years, Kanslibyrån is returning to the North of Sweden. The institution was formed in 2007 in Umeå, and is now going to perform a series of new actions in the city. The result will be presented in an exhibition at Galleri Verkligheten, where both documentation of recent and older actions from The Archive of Actions will be presented.

Opening of the exhibition is Friday 22 January at 19.00
The exhibition is then open 23 Jan – 13 Feb.

Kanslibyrån will host a workshop in structured irrationality on Saturday 23 Jan at 13.00 – 15.00. Everyone is welcome and no prerequisites is required.



  K anslibyrån is contributing to 13-festivalen. A performance festival where artists meet audience and professional artists share stage with art students. We are happy to be part of a great line-up of artists. Kanslibyrån will present and describe object from the sculpture series Fantomförvaltningen to the attending visitors.

The festival is 4-6 January 2016 at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg
Kanslibyrån will have a presentation 5 January at 21.00



  A rtist Lars Noväng and me are participating in the exhibition ”After Labour” 12 Dec 2015 – 21 Feb 2016 at Kalmar Konstmuseum. We are invited as initiators of Frihetsförmedlingen (The Swedish Freedom Agency) to give our view on the relation between labour, worth and capitalism. Frihetsförmedlingen will have an office on site at the museum, welcoming visitors to participate in qualified seeking of freedom.

Kalmar konstmuseum

Opening of the exhibition: Saturday 12 Dec 11-16
Evening event: Frihetsförmedlingen guidance and lecture Wednesday 16 Dec 16-20

>>>Kalmar konstmuseum

  I n October Frihetsförmedlingen started a permanent office in Hässleholm in the south of Sweden. The office is open every weekday 10-12. At the office everyone that seeks freedom can meet a skilled freedom professional and talk and discuss options, support structures and strategies of liberation.

Frihetsförmedlingens lokalkontor

>>>Frihetsförmedlingens lokalkontor

  D uring the spring of 2015 Kanslibyrån collaborated with the municipal administration in Angered in trying to discover irrational behaviour in the everyday work. In the project Kanslibyrån investigated office environments, working methods, information material, office supplies and met with and talked to numerous office employees. From this investigation new work of art was produced and later evolved into an exhibition presented at Medborgarkontoret in Angered 26 Sep – 24 Oct 2015 



  f rihetsförmedlingen is participating in the event "The New Avant-garde" at Inkonst in Malmö. We are producing an office where freedom seekers can meet skilled freedom advisors to evaluate their freedom potential.

“The New Avant-garde is a discussion forum focused on literature, where both the difficult and impossible are given a place. By disrupting traditional norms contemporary politics become poetry. By allowing the culture to be part of the talks, new forms are created and opportunities opens up for more people to participate in - and absorb the content.”

The New Avant-garde




  agic & Politics – The Irrational as Strategy for Resistance, is a workshop that Kanslibyrån is hosting together with Annika Lundgren, Niklas Persson and the performing arts platform Skogen in Gothenburg. The program revolves around themes like the populist politician as illusionist, the irrational as destabilizing element, everyday activities as rituals and the art of doing nothing in a production-focused society. Daytime workshop, and an evening with dinner, artistic works and socializing time.


  rihetsförmedlingen is opening a temporary office at Galleri 54 in Gothenburg. During 23-25 January 2015, all freedom seekers can come and meet a freedom counselor to evaluate their potential freedom, create an individual liberation plan or just discuss free choices or the difference between labour and work. Frihetsförmedlingen (≈The freedom agency) is initiated by me and artist Lars Noväng and together with a staff of eager and professional freedom advisors we producing this temporary office.

Frihetsförmedlingen i Göteborg

>>>Galleri 54

  T he Phantom Administration is a series of new objects and office items that Kanslibyrån have designed for Swedish institutions. Kanslibyrån has taken on the mission to help their sister institutions around the country to improve the working environment, organization and attitude. The project is now presented in a one day exhibition at Slakthusateljéerna in Stockholm.

Time: 11:00-16:00, 6 December 2014
Place: Slakthusateljéerna, Stockholm


  M e and artist Lars Noväng is setting up an office for Frihetsförmedlingen (≈The freedom agency) at CirkulationsCentralen in Malmö, during the weekend 21-22 November. Frihetsförmedlingen is Swedens largest provider of freedom, with the mission to promote a stronger free sector, reduce wage labor and increase freedom for all individuals.



  I n connection with Creative Time Summit, that take place at Kulturhuset during the weekend 14-16 November 2014, Kanslibyrån will perform a new series of interventions on site in central Stockholm. The actions is an addition to the neverending project The Archive of Actions. The planned interventions will be number 355 to 372 in the archive and will be executed during Sunday November 16th

>>>Creative Time Summit

  estaurering av inre rum (Restorations of inner rooms) is an exhibition at Charlottenburg manor in Solna, Stockholm, 29 Aug – 7 Sep 2014. Kanslibyrån is exhibiting together with a large community of artists, both dead & alive: Carl Abrahamsson, Karin Mamma Andersson, Andreas Brännström, Nadine Byrne, Mattias Bäcklin, Christer Chytraéus, Shibendra Dev, Henrik Ekesiöö, Leif Elggren och Thomas Liljenberg, Mattias Ericsson, Annika Eriksson, Åsa Ersmark, Douglas Feuk, Joakim Forsgren, Alberto Frigo, Gert Fylking, Anne Frank/Barbro Karlén, Felix Gmelin, Mikael Goralski, Jimmy Gustafsson, Jon Hulander, Jan Håfström, Sandra Isacsson, Lisa Jeannin och Rolf Schuurmans, Arijana Kajfes, Kanslibyrån, Anders Kappel, Lazze-Stefan, Ari Luostarinen, Maria Luostarinen och Maria Boij, Carinne Löfgren-Williams, Lukas Marxt, Lotta Melin, Charlotta Mickelsson Abrahamsson, Helena Mutanen, Magdalena Nordin, Ulf Olsson, Christoffer Paues, Lars Pommer Borenius, Bobi Prinz, Roger von Reybekiel, Monica von Rosen, Marja-leena Sillanpää, Jan Stenmark, Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Palle Torsson, Åsa M Waldau, Olav Westphalen, Malin Zimm, Lasse Åberg, Christine Ödlund, Markus Öhrn.

Charlottenburg gård

>>>Restaurering av inre rum

  ogether with Henrik Ekesiöö I am curating the show BLIND CHOICES – SOUR GRAPES:
The individual is shaped by its context and in the exhibition we encounter visualizations and descriptions of relationships: How they can get deeper as well as shallower, and how society affects our interpersonal interactions. We can see a distanced and somewhat detached view in Kjersti Vetterstad’s cosmic reflections and in Jonas Westlund’s blurry internet shape. A more personal perspective of how relationships change over time and how we change with them is told in Sandra Isacsson’s autobiographical fragments. And a crystal clear view on how power is distributed in relationships is seen in Patrick Goddard’s dinner party and Ilona Huss Wallin’s classroom monologues.

Blind Choices - Sour Grapes

>>>Platform Stockholm

  EADLONG – BRICK WALL is an exhibition about bureaucratic barriers, futility and the will to be free. The show is curated by Kanslibyrån, and installed at Studio 17 in Stavanger. The opening is 20 March 2014 at 18.00. Participating artists are Minna Henriksson, Ulf Lundin, Marte Hodne Haugen, Ruben Wätte & Kanslibyrån. 

Studio 17

>>>Studio 17

  O pening of the exhibition The archive of Actions – The struggle continues is Thursday, February 13th at 18.00. The venue is Cigarrvägen Tretton in Hökarängen, Stockholm. Documentation of recent and older actions from Kanslibyråns archive will be presented in a new selection. The exhibition is open Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of February 12-17.  

Cigarrvägen 13

>>>Cigarrvägen Tretton

  L aunching of En svensk robot (A Swedish robot) takes place on Wednesday 6 Nov 2013. The project is presented as a web-based exhibition, in which the different parts of the art work can be experienced and explored. En svensk robot is a network of narratives that are presented as text, image, video and sound.

En svensk robot

Too see the exhibition:
>>>En svensk robot

  P resentation of the film Vildsvinsön (Boar Island) will take place on Mörkö Bygdegård Friday 14 June 2013 at 18.00. The film is a story about community, conflict, change and countryside. It is a fictional tale based on interviews with local residents. The project is done in collaboration with Mörkö bygdegård and Konstfrämjandet.

Boar Island

  B orlänge is next on Kanslibyråns list of cities in need of urgent irrational bureaucracy. During 26 – 28 June we will be on site in the city Centre and invite the public to participate in our struggle. Through careful studies we have compiled a selection of actions that we will deliver to interested participants.
We will also have an exhibition of documented actions that will be updated during our stay.

For more updates:

  T he archive of actions is growing. Kanslibyrån will extend the project during the festival Survival Kit in Riga in September 2013. We are invited to give our view on the theme: slow revolution, which emphasizes the importance of margins, overturning positions of power and questions the dominance of the centre.

Survival Kit

>>>Survival Kit

  F inally I have updated the site with the project Acidon, which in part was my Masterproject from Konstfack. The project was a comment on the development of IT-companies and their activities, backsides and influence.


  P resentation of Kanslibyråns work Operation omorganisation, is taking place on Friday 16th of December 16.00 – 17.30 in Konsthall 323, situated outside Skatteverket, Västgötagatan 2 in Stockholm.

During the summer of 2011 we visited a several Municipal- and tax offices in the middle of Sweden. By walking through corridors, browse the pamphlets and feel the rough material of the Tax office couches we experienced the atmosphere and were embraced by the every-day of public servants. Amongst paper forms, office-plants and stand-up-desks we searched for the soul of bureaucracy. Now we present documentation and reflections from our trip in a Sound- & Imagepiece.

Konsthall 323

>>>Konsthall 323

  k anslibyrån is participating in the exhibition Avtryck; från aktioner, ingrepp och lek till betraktelser av det offentliga rummet (≈Marks; from actions, interventions and play to envisagement of the public space) at Skellefteå Konsthall. The exhibition is up until Feb 12, 2012. Our work Pappersrevolten (Paper rebellion) is animating printed material in the public space.

>>>Skellefteå Konsthall

  O peration omorganisation (Operation reorganization) is the title of Kanslibyråns residency project at Konsthall 323. During the residency, Kanslibyrån is travelling to cities in the middle of Sweden to perform an extensive reorganization in the corridors of bureaucracy. The goal is to create a feeling of togetherness and compassion between bureaucrats, by providing necessary confusion to specific institutions. We will primarily visit municipal offices and Swedish Tax Agency offices, and reposition site specific objects between these different locations.

>>>Konsthall 323

  s lakthusateljéerna is presenting the exhibition Float All in Windows and Kanslibyrån is participating with a selection of documented actions from the American Chapter. Float All In Windows draws its title from the command in Photoshop which assigns all open documents a separate display window. Similarly, twenty-six artists occupy the empty spaces on the floor above the studios and project space during the exhibition period.

Slakthusateljéerna: Hallvägen 21, Stockholm
Opening: 18 May, 17 - 22
Exhibition:  19 – 22 May, 12:00 – 18:00

>>> Slakthusateljéerna
  h uskroppar och Avkrokar (Buildings and Remote corners) is a workshop that I will lead at Mölnlycke Kulturhus 21-25 May 2011. The workshop is inspired by the forgotten details of urban spaces, and during four days of work we will examine the city room and let the nuances materialize and the stories commence in an attempt to uncover the poetic qualities of the small-scale and nearly forgotten.

  i 'm participating in the workshop Spheres of Power: Tensions & Exchange, that is held at the GlogauAIR residency in Berlin, April 25-28 2011. The theme of the workshop revolves around notions of power, poverty and wealth. During the workshop will present my work with the documentary “Omniscient business – Or how I met Erik Gustafsson”, and the subjects that it addresses.

For more information:
>>> Spheres of Power

  k anslibyrån is presenting the exhibition Amerikanska kapitlet och andra delar ur Aktionsarkivet (The American Chapter and other parts of The Archive of Actions) at Galleri 54 in Gothenburg. The exhibition displays documentation of actions performed in- and outside of Sweden.

Opening: Friday 1st of April, 18 – 21
Exhibition: 1st of April until 1st of May.

Kanslibyrån in the US

>>>Galleri 54

  t he activist group Kanslibyrån is commissioned to do a public piece in Skellefteå. During one week in December 2010, we have reorganized and remade printed material found in the public space of central Skellefteå. The result will be shown at Skellefteå Konsthall in the end of 2011 in an exhibition about public art curated by Fanny Carinasdotter.

>>>Fanny Carinasdotter

  e xhibition at the CCS Bard Bulletin Board is opening on the 18th of October. Kanslibyrån is travelling to the US again, this time we travel in person to New York for lobbying, spreading our message to the public and presenting our activities at Center for Curatorial Studies and Art in Contemporary Culture, Bard College.

During two weeks in October 2010, Kanslibyråns Archive of Actions is expanding with the addition of The American Chapter.


>>>The Center for Curatorial Studies and Art in Contemporary Culture

  O n the Konstfack Spring exhibition I will show the video piece  Omniscient business – or how I met Erik Gustafsson. It is a documentary commenting on the rhetoric’s and integrity problems of the information technology business. The video is made in collaboration with artist Carl-Erik Engqvist.

Omniscient business
“To have good and reliable information
about competitors and customers is
essential in modern business.”

The spring exhibition is opening on the 20th of May, and is up until the 30th.

ntegration Ågatan, which is the third project in my integration-suite, is exhibited during the symposium Open Engagement: Commissioning and Producing Art for the Public Realm at Marabouparken Annex, in Sundbyberg. Integration Ågatan is built on the same concept as my previous project Integration Årstadal. Now I have copied objects from other areas of the municipality to Ågatan, as a way of integrating this area into the rest of Sundbyberg.

The symposium is the 25-28 September, and the exhibition is then up for two weeks.

In connection to this event I have also made a special contribution to Jungfrudansens sculpture park in Solna, a project initiated and run by Noak Lönn. I am participating with the work Control Valve, which is a replica of a sculpture in Marabouparken.

open engagement

>>> www.noaklonn.se/jungfrudansen.html


anslibyrån is participating in VERKA, exhibition and seminar on Studio 44 in Stockholm.  We are contributing to the exhibition with documentation of our actions, and with a talk on Saturday 12 September, at 18.00.

For more information and program

"Guldoffensiven"-Luleå 2009

he struggle against the fuzziness and ambiguity of society is on. Kanslibyrån is launching the campaign Ett tydligare samhälle (A more distinct society). In the campaign the bureau is claiming that a changing and chaotic society needs more guidelines and directives. Through clarifying old and articulating new rules and prohibitions, society will be more clear, safe and controlled.

On the 13th and 14th of August 2009, Kanslibyrån will inform the public near Sergels square in the centre of Stockholm.

do not lick the knife

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ow I've launched a mini-website for the project Integration Årstadal, where I've copied objects from different areas of the city and placed them in Årstadal, as a way of helping the area integrate into the rest of Stockholm.

>>> www.johnhuntington.se/arstadal (swedish)

anslibyrån is participating in Leiffestivalen in Luleå 16-17 of May. The performance festival is taking place in Kulturens Hus and in the centre of Luleå, from 11.00 on Saturday to 17.00 on Sunday.


elease for Filten, an exhibition in magazine format. Filten is a discreet pondering about the important questions of existence. The small is the relevant and what on first sight might seem secure contains the unknown.  Producers and participants in the magazine are: Bengt Rutersten, Elsie Johansson, Jacob Kirkegaard, Jenny Sundén, Herbarium UME, Ingrid Ogenstedt, Ylva Trapp, Jenny Åkerlund, Thomas Olsson, John Huntington, Frida Krohn.

Releaseparty at Sugar Bar (Kammakargatan 9, Stockholm) 19 Feb. 2009 at 20.00 --->

Preview at:


irst Annual Detroit .gif Group Show. I am participating with a 4 second animation called The origin of money. Exhibition is open until 15 February, 2009.


ery welcome to my new homepage. It has been some years without connection to cyberspace. Here I will post new projects and news of what is happening within my art-practice. Look under works to see projects I’ve done in the past and feel free to e-mail me if there arises any questions or of you just want to get in touch.