Kanslibyrån is against the present order of things.
Kanslibyrån is against everything that's considered to be normal.
Kanslibyrån is against all conventions.
Kanslibyrån stands above the law.
The actions of Kanslibyrån shall be planned.
The actions of Kanslibyrån shall be documented.
Kanslibyrån pushes for irrational and defiant behavior.  
Kanslibyrån is not practical, profitable or efficient.
The platform of Kanslibyrån is the everyday life.


Action nr.25:Manifestation against everything.
Action nr.25:Manifestation against everything

Action nr.119:Arrange the fir cones in the forest
Action nr.119:Arrange the fir cones in the forest

Kanslibyrån is an activist group and a mini-institution consisting of artists Per-Arne Sträng and John Huntington. Kanslibyrån is waging an everyday struggle where rationality, obedience and efficiency is questioned both in public and personal spheres.

In Kanslibyrån’s project The archive of actions, we criticize norms and conventions in everyday life, and try to localize points where resistance is possible. The concept of normality holds us (humans/people) captive and is an effective control to keep us within society’s boundaries and it makes us live in a way that is expected and predictable.

Society is largely built upon rationality, obedience and efficiency and therefore we want to be irrational and defiant in our actions. All actions matters and all situations have a potential of being subversive and critical of society. By being irrational, illogical, act on impulse or on a whim you create an uncertainty in your surrounding. This uncertainty makes place for new thoughts and ideas.

Being subtle and modest is important qualities in the work with The archive of actions, and the scene for our actions are the public spaces: The Urban environment, Public institutions, media etc. But also personal and intimate places: The home, the studio and your own body.