The plan and project (2004-2006)
This was a small collection of projects originating from the similar mythology.  The plan and project is a worldview, a religion and a science, where an alternative reality is explored. The plan and project reveals this parallel reality, where something fundamental; a sense of coherence and togetherness has been lost. The modern invention of competition and evolution is here something alien that comes from an accidental misunderstanding.

The ape from the north (2006)
A being has come to Östersund, it takes the shape of an ape. It has traveled from the north to tell us something important and urgent. It lives in the everyday life, amongst milk packages in the grocery store, in the whispering of the teenagers in the schools, in the city lighting and in the bus station.
Decontamination, Rågången 21 (2005)
A person, a guru, has traveled to the city to perform an important mission. The task is to get rid of what’s in the walls, what is in inherited in the building itself. We follow him in his work with decontaminating Rågången 21.
  169 truths dots
169 Truths (2004)
This was a project consisting of 169 objects with texts written on them, placed in urban areas. The objects where shaped to resemble artefacts or relics of remnant times or forgotten civilizations. The project were realized together with (poet, musician and sociologist) Ivar Huntington.