Frihetsförmedlingen dots Frihetsförmedlingen (The Swedish Freedom Agency - 2014 -->)
Frihetsförmedlingen was initiated in 2014 in collaboration with artist Lars Noväng. Frihetsförmedlingen provides an interactive platform, as well as temporary offices, where ritualistic and bureaucratic behaviour in the pursuit of freedom can be performed, offering an alternative to the mandatory search for non-existent or imaginary jobs on today’s shrinking labour market.
  dots En svensk robot (A Swedish robot - 2013 -->)
An intricate construction made up of digital objects, videos, sound and texts. The robot is a network of narratives that revolves around themes of violence, power and manipulation. The different narratives are both works of their own and parts of a larger structure. A Swedish robot is an experimental construction made up by equal parts of knowledge, chance and will.
  dots Vildsvinsön (Boar island - 2013)
The film is a tale about community, conflict, change and countryside. It is a fictional spoken story based on interviews with local residents. The project was done in collaboration with Mörkö bygdegård and Konstfrämjandet. 
  Acidon dots Acidon (2010-2012, partly made in collaboration with Carl-Erik Engqvist)
A project in which a modern reality are displayed: Where everyone is increasingly surveyed, where private information is a commodity and personal integrity fades away.  The project was a comment on the development of IT-companies and their activities, backsides and influence.

Acidon – The company
ASePP – The product
Erik Gustafsson – The Chief Communications Officer
Omniscient business – The documentary
  integration_arstadal dots
Integration Å (2009-2010)
A trilogy of projects helping the integration process of Årstadal, Åhus and Ågatan. All high-income areas, with expensive housing and few immigrants. In the projects I have carefully copied objects from other neighborhoods  and placed them in these areas, as a way of fighting the present and future segregation problems of these areas..
  kanslibyran dots
Kanslibyrån (2007 -->)
An activist group and a mini-institution consisting of artists Per-Arne Sträng and John Huntington. Kanslibyrån is waging an everyday struggle where rationality, obedience and efficiency is questioned both in public and personal spheres.


Dataspelsgruppen (2007)
A collective that were active during the autumn of 2007. Consisting of artists Olof Broström, Carl-Erik Engqvist, John Huntington, Anders Johansson, Eskil Liepa, Ida Rödén and Per-Arne Sträng. The work was focused on computer gaming and art and resulted in the exhibition Yod Burrow and the mix-up of Chaste City, at Bildmuseet in Umeå.
  svenneförmedlingen dots
Svenneförmedlingen (2007)
A net-based matchmaking service, which provided a possibility for svennar and immigrant entrepreneurs to meet in a mutual struggle against segregation. Where the general idea was that svennar would be employed in immigrant owned companies, and by that gaining cultural competences necessary for a globalized reality. Svenneförmedlingen was made together with Lars Noväng (Octava./ArtLab)
En stad (2005)
A survey of the psycho-social environment in public space. In the project we tried initiating a discussion about, and new perspectives on, the public space of Norrköping. The project was done together with Fanny Carinasdotter, Aldís Ellertsdóttir and Mikael Näsström and was exhibited on Norrköpings konsthall.
  forgotten playfulness dots
About the forgotten playfulness (2005)
A project about reinforcing the playful spirit of the urban environment, developing a space organically with aid from the immediate surroundings, and it’s given preconditions. We tried to create a free zone where the ordinary rules were temporarily abandoned.  The project was collaborative with artist Viktor Hjalmarsson, and it was realized on Järntorget in Gothenburg.
  nordic light dots
Nordic Light- The city that never sleeps (2005)
A proposal for the development of Umeå city centre, questioning the existing exclusive plans and city-branding thinking. The project was made together with Aldís Ellertsdóttir, Fanny Carinasdotter and Mikael Näsström in collaboration with Barnaby Drabble and Hinrich Sachs


The plan and project (2004-2006)
This was a small collection of projects originating from the similar mythology.  The plan and project is a worldview, a religion and a science, where an alternative reality is explored. The plan and project reveals this parallel reality, where something fundamental; a sense of coherence and togetherness has been lost. The modern invention of competition and evolution is here something alien that comes from an accidental misunderstanding.
  jeagerdorffsplatsen-ostra larmgatan dots
Jaegerdorffsplatsen – Östra Larmgatan (2003)
A project consisting of 17 concrete boards placed in the street on different locations in central Gothenburg. The boards are casted in black and white concrete, with a portrait and a letter on each one of them. Since 2003 the artwork has slowly changed and eroded, some boards have disappeared or been removed.