• Frihetskontor Varberg- Foto: Hendrik Zeitler

Frihetsförmedlingen (The Swedish Public Freedom Service), initiated in 2014 in collaboration with artist Lars Noväng, is a self-organized authority, think tank and work of art.

The Swedish Public Freedom Service provides an interactive internet platform as well as temporary offices, where ritualistic and bureaucratic behavior in pursuit of freedom can be performed. 

In this way the Freedom Service offers Swedish citizens a useful alternative to the mandatory search for non-existent or imaginary jobs on today’s shrinking labour market they otherwise are required to perform.

Besides supplying and mediating freedom, the Freedom Service runs a Research & Development Program and also has an obligation to influence the public opinion. 

From 2019 the Swedish Public Freedom Service also has the mandate to oversee and control the level of freedom in Swedish companies and organisations, as well as in public places. 

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