The Dark Administrator at Skogen

The Dark Administrator (Svartadministratören) is a fiery speech, a performative lecture on bureaucracy and resistance. With the office workplace as a starting point, the work deals with contemporary human beings heavy addiction to systematizing everything in its surroundings.

The work is a documentary collage of examples, stories and demonstrations where an everyday frustration linked to feelings of powerlessness and loss of meaning takes place and is given space to unfold. Various forms of ritual protective measures are presented and an alternative professional role slowly emerges from the shadows, accompanied by apocalyptic tones and sounds from the abyss.

John Huntington is a conceptual artist who, with various forms of interventions and claims, questions preconceived notions about everyday life, work environments, public institutions and political spaces. In his practice, he explores the borderland between everyday life and art, between individual and institution, between citizens and society, both by himself and as part of the collaborative projects Kanslibyrån & Frihetsförmedlingen.

As Dödsvarg (Death Wolf) the musician Jon Ekström has created a world dominated by insanity and madness. The sound is inflated under thick layers of paranoid delusions. There are dark tones emanating from a bombastic, raw and cold punk. Jon is also the singer of the band Slutavverkning and was a member of the band Detektivbyrån.

By: John Huntington // Music: Dödsvarg (Jon Ekström)

Image: Institutional corpse paint 1-4

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