Center for Restless Movements

For more than fifteen years, Kanslibyrån has waged a small-scale and persistent struggle in everyday life where society’s ideals of rationality, obedience and efficiency are questioned on both a public and personal level.

At Krognoshuset, Kanslibyrån will show a large selection of photographs of documented objects and actions, as well as a brand new sculptural installation. In the basement, you can take part in an interactive work created together with artist Lars Noväng.

“Our upright limbs move compulsively in time, on given drum beats we change direction, take a step forward or raise our hands. We are synchronized to our surroundings and move in clear patterns, where each movement is performed at the right moment in the choreography. This tactful performance of our anatomy is both beautiful and dangerous, we don’t have to worry about how our next movement will be carried out, or that we will make an embarrassing misstep.”

Here, Kanslibyrån believes that important countermeasurer are to carefully nurture the irrational and consciously highlight a curious and naive look at the environment. Small-scale interventions, imaginative sorting or the invention of one’s own symmetries become a form of long-distance mental training. The agency’s alternative structure for everyday life constitutes a ritual safeguard against our current production-oriented paradigm.

Opening 24 February 13.00 – 16.00

At 14:00. on the day of the opening, Kanslibyrån will read from its Program Statement.

More information on Krognoshusets website