The Office for Indeterminate Conditions

A performance about longing and waiting.
The work takes place in a place between the categories, an educational session where time has stopped, a spacecraft on an introspective journey. Here, a fractured story is told by three travel guides who also share anecdotes, demonstrate objects, and instruct the audience and participants in simple hands-on experiments that explore the strange predicament, the limbo, that The Office for Indeterminate Conditions represents.

The work is performed at Skogen in Gothenburg 20-21 April 2024
It is 60 minutes long, performed in Swedish with some English elements.

A work by John Huntington
Performed by Abo Wejdan, Farzin Khosravi-Hawrami and Pablo Encinas Alonso.
Music by Arvsmassan

Drama consultancy: Ulf Mellström and Ann-Carita Evaldsson
Scientific advisory: Katarzyna Wojnicka

The work is inspired by interviews from the research project “Transnational single men” and financed by Vetenskapsrådet

More information about the project can be found here

For information and how to book a spot, visit the Skogen website