Survey of the Fossil Fuel Industry (2021)

Me and artist Ilona Huss Walin mapped the aesthetics and vocabulary of the fossil fuel industry using painting as a medium. The approach in the paintings is playful, no special prior knowledge is required to produce the images. The paintings thus become an accessible way of approaching the issue of the public pension funds problematic shareholding, an issue that concerns us all. We cannot escape the fact that everyone who works becomes a shareholder in the fossil fuel industry.

Survey of the Fossil Fuel Industry was a part of the project “Artists interpret the Public Pension Funds”

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En svensk robot (2013)

An intricate construction made up of digital objects, videos, sound and texts. The robot is a network of narratives that revolves around themes of violence, power and manipulation. The different narratives are both works of their own and parts of a larger structure. A Swedish robot is an experimental construction made up by equal parts of knowledge, chance and will.

The work is in Swedish and can be experienced on the dedicated website: En svensk robot (best viewed on a computer)

Vildsvinsön (2013)

The project was realized in May 2013 on Mörkö, and island not far from Stockholm. The film is a spoken fictional short-story with animated nature as imagery. It is about an islander that returns to her origin after many years in the city, to rediscover the place and its residents. The story is based on interviews with seven persons that live on Mörkö. Stories about heritage, history, local myths, current developments & economic power were all parts of these conversations. Vildsvinsön is a mash-up and a mixture of all these narratives. It is an interpretation of an old relationship between nobility and peasants and a contemporary relationship between owners and users. The work is in Swedish

The project was made in collaboration with Mörkö bygdegård and Konstfrämjandet. Thanks to Annika, Christhild, Gidde, Margareta, Maria, Sonia, Vivianne, Waltraut och Viktoria.

Acidon (2010-2012)

A multifaceted project, partly made in collaboration with Carl-Erik Engqvist, in which we described a reality where everyone is increasingly surveyed, where private information is a commodity and personal integrity fades away.  The project was a comment on the development of IT-companies and their activities and backsides, visualizing a possible development for how their influence is used and can be used in the future. With the growth of more refined information technologies, questions about ownership of data, information and intellectual property becomes increasingly important. The power over information is constantly redistributed to private corporations and when one sees this as problematic, the language and esthetics that are shielding this development becomes important to revise.

We created a fictional enterprise within the information technology sector which we named Acidon.

Our aim with this enterprise was to show the backsides of the present development through artistic twists and careful exaggerations of existing tendencies; such as the power concentration that arises when private players have influence over vast amounts of information. .